Soquel, California — Friday, March 4th

Has it really been six months?

The week is flying — just flying! — by. After so long, Srila Gurudeva leaves the Seva Ashram and returns to India, via London, on Tuesday next week...

Srila Gurudeva has been here in California for six months. Can you believe it? Six months! Twenty-six weeks. One hundred and eighty days. Foolish as it may seem, I guess we thought that Srila Gurudeva would never leave...

And now when we see Ranajit Prabhu beginning to pack some of Srila Gurudeva's bags in preparation for their departure next week, we are reminded of the short time that Srila Gurudeva has left here, and we all try to cram more service-hours into the remaining days...

Soquel, California — Monday, March 7th

The last weekend

Srila Gurudeva leaves tomorrow!

The Seva Ashram here in Soquel has been crowded this last weekend. Devotees from all over have some to see Srila Gurudeva one last time before he returns to India tomorrow.

Nobody wants to even think of Srila Gurudeva leaving. We have gotten so used to having His Divine Grace here with us every day! What will we do when he has gone?

Paradoxically, we are simultaneously sad and happy that Srila Gurudeva leaving: sad, of course, because we will be deprived of his physical association, but happy that, after his recent life-threatening health crises, His Divine Grace is finally well enough to travel.

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