San Jose, California — Thursday, December 21st

Where is the snow?

I am told this was the first week since the beginning of November (six weeks!) that the devotees in Moscow saw the sun...

In my "Akinchan Jones in Return to the Temple" blog, a fortnight more than three years ago, I wrote:

The tiny aircraft dips, jerks, and wobbles ("Where did I put my japa mala?") as we climb through the turbulence of the clouds over Izhevsk and head for Saint Petersburg, and I see the sun for the first time in almost two weeks. (It has been snowing ever since I left the Saint Petersburg temple on this eleven-day, five-city lecture tour.)

I thought those two sunless weeks were unusual... but six weeks?

In response to my Srila Gurudeva gets his wish (to see snow) blog, another Russian devotee writes that with temperatures of 5-8°C, it has still not snowed since Srila Gurudeva left Russia... They say that, for Russians, it is inconceivable that they might have to celebrate the New Year without any snow at all...

Why all this mild weather?

Well, it is (coincidently?) six weeks since Srila Gurudeva left Russia... Perhaps the snow, frustrated in its fruitless search for Srila Gurudeva in the environs of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, has gone elsewhere to search for another opportunity to serve His Divine Grace...

Hmmm... I wonder if the Russian snow is trying to tell us something? Nah. That's silly! Everybody knows snow can't talk!

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