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October 2008

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Week 1
USA : California : San Jose

Prasadam revisited
After going too long without Srila Gurudeva's association, we begin to forget the charm of his simple but effective philosophy.

Week 2
India : West Bengal : Calcutta

Srila Gurudeva's grace
Srila Gurudeva is so incredibly humble, it is sometimes too painful to see. Knowing when to ignore Srila Gurudeva's advice.

Week 3
India : West Bengal : Navadwip

Preparing for Srila Guru Maharaj's Vyasa Puja celebration at the Union in Separation samadhi mandir in Navadwip dham.

Week 4
India : West Bengal : Navadwip

Guru Maharaj's prasadam
Even though Srila Guru Maharaj entered into samadhi two decades ago, he still nourishes us with his prasadam every day.

More prasadam
More mercy, unexpectedly, at Srila Guru Maharaj's birthplace in Sri Hapaniya dham.

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