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November 2008

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Week 1
India : West Bengal : Calcutta

Staying in the holy dham
Forewarned is forearmed. Familiarize yourself with the ten offenses to be avoided during your stay in the holy dham.

Week 2
India : West Bengal : Calcutta

Just a minute!
An occasional series of anecdotes/allegories to give you pause: It's no big deal if we eat grains on ekadasi, right?

Week 3
India : West Bengal : Calcutta

Mea culpa
When Srila Gurudeva is admitted to the hospital, the iMonk examines his own culpability for Srila Gurudeva's tribulations.

Week 4
India : West Bengal : Calcutta

Past associations
With so many lost clusters of data stored in subliminal fragments of our memories, how will we remember Krishna when we die?

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