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January 2009

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Week 1
India : West Bengal : Navadwip

Bolo Hari!
In the midst of life we are in death. Even funeral processions here in Navadwip remind us to chant — while we still can!

Week 2
India : West Bengal : Navadwip

All we need
How does Krishna reveal Himself in our heart when we chant? The answer may surprise you. (It's simpler than you think!)

Week 3
India : West Bengal : Navadwip

Fond recollections of Srila Guru Maharaj, on a rare pilgrimage to the veranda of his bhajan kutir at the Math in Navadwip.

Week 4
India : West Bengal : Navadwip

Wake-up call
A thief enters the altar room and steals the deities' jewelry. Why does Krishna allow something like this to happen?

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