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February 2006

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Week 1
USA: California: Soquel

Our future prospects
If our youth are ever going to play a pivotal role in the future of our mission, they must be given meaningful roles in the present.

Week 2
USA: California: San Jose

Spiritual outreach
These nama-sangha programs are a great way to enliven and be enlivened by the devotees in the Santa Cruz and San Jose area.

Week 3
USA: California: San Francisco / India: West Bengal: Navadwip

Return to India
Because maya is everywhere, we cannot escape the lure of illusion, or misconception, simply by changing our environment.

End of a rough ride
An accident on the road from Calcutta to Navadwip reminds the iMonk how all living entities rush blindly into the jaws of death.

Week 4+
India: West Bengal: Navadwip

Excess baggage
We cannot escape our karma, our nature, simply by changing our environment: we have to change our consciousness.

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