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March 2006

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Week 1
India: West Bengal: Navadwip

Making progress
We must never be satisfied with our progress: satisfaction is the enemy of progress. We must always be eager for the next step.

Week 2
India: West Bengal: Navadwip

A new sannyasi
This morning Srila Gurudeva gives the sannyas mantra to Sri Govinda Prabhu, and the name Bhakti Vigraha Nyasi Maharaj.

Gaura Purnima
The iMonk celebrates Gaura Purnima in Navadwip dham with his guru and thousands of pilgrims, for the fourth consecutive year.

Week 3
India: West Bengal: Navadwip

Third anniversary
Three years after receiving the sannyas mantram from his guru, the iMonk meditates on his tenuous connection with reality...

Week 4+
India: West Bengal: Navadwip

Journey into consciousness
The search for reality begins with the search for the self: it is an inward voyage of self-discovery, an exploration of consciousness.

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