San Jose, California — Tuesday, February 14th

Spiritual outreach

Ramananda Prabhu left for India early this morning. I am hoping to leave this week as well (Gaura Purnima is just a month away) but so far I have been unable to get a confirmed ticket all the way through to Calcutta...

Before he left, Kamal Krishna Prabhu, Vidura Krishna Prabhu and I went to Ramananda Prabhu's home here in San Jose for another one of those nama-sangha programs.

I like these small, informal programs, with just the host's family (Rohini, Sita, and Nandarani Devi Dasi) and a few guests, because everybody is so much more relaxed in this kind of environment and not afraid to ask pertinent questions or express themselves.

Vidura Krishna Prabhu and Kamal Krishna Prabhu are in the process of contacting many of the householders and students living outside the Seva Ashram to try to organize one or two of these spiritual outreach programs every week.

Last week we had a nama-sangha program at Rajani Devi Dasi's house in Santa Cruz. Many of our local youths attended, and Kamal Krishna, Vidura Krishna, Rajani and I all shared our realizations on some of the practical aspects of Krishna consciousness.

These programs usually last one to two hours, and typically begin with kirtan, include a brief discussion of our Krishna conscious philosophy, and end with a delicious prasadam meal (Rajani and Nandarani outdid themselves at these last two meetings).

This is a great way to enliven and be enlivened by the disciples and supporters of Srila Gurudeva here in Santa Cruz and San Jose. If you would like to invite a few friends and neighbors over to your home and host one of these programs, please contact Vidura Krishna Prabhu or Kamal Krishna Prabhu at the Seva Ashram in Soquel.

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