San Jose, California — Monday, September 29th

Going to the holy dham

After months and months of trying to get all my travel documents in order (sorting out the problems with my South African passport, reapplying for a new United States "green card," renewing my expired Indian visa, etc.), it seems that I shall finally be able to travel to India again, within the next couple of weeks, to return once more to the holy lotus feet of Srila Gurudeva.

Of course, I know that it is not so easy to enter into the holy dham. As Srila Guru Maharaj reminded me twenty-five years ago, we first need the grace of Sri Nityananda Prabhu. Although I have asked for (and received) the permission of his representative, Srila Gurudeva, still, I am aware that the right of admission is reserved, so I must not make the grave mistake of treating this trip to the holy dham as an eye exercise, and foolishly rush in to where even the mighty Hanuman fears to tread.

But if I have the requisite good fortune (and if I don't take any excess baggage along with me), hopefully, I will not make too many of these mistakes. Please pray for me...

Tags: Pilgrimage

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