Archive [14k] August [14k] 2003 [14k]

After a brief sojourn in Ankara, the iMonk leaves Turkey and travels to Saint Petersburg, Russia, via Istanbul, London, and Moscow, to join his gurudeva, Srila Govinda Maharaj, on His Divine Grace's 20th World Tour.

Friday 1st
Evening Out—Grazing in the park

Saturday 2nd
Yoga and Meditation—Segue into Krishna consciousness

Sunday 3rd
Secret Service—Attracted by Krishna's flute

Monday 4th
Amazing Azra—Big question from a little girl

Tuesday 5th
Q & A—Airport questions and answers

Wednesday 6th
Hotter Than July—Cooler weather ahead

Thursday 7th
Travel Glitches—Minor miscues quickly fixed

Friday 8th
Home At Last—At Srila Gurudeva's lotus feet

Saturday 9th
A Safe Position—At the lotus feet of Gurudeva

Sunday 10th
Downtown Program—Sankirtan and drama

Monday 11th
Goswami Returns—Rejoins World Tour

Tuesday 12th
Baladeva's Appearance—Krishna's older brother

Wednesday 13th
Ecological Action—Press release

Thursday 14th
Beach Cleanup—Gets good media coverage

Friday 15th
Huge Festival—Hundreds gather in St. Petersburg

Saturday 16th
Prasadam Seva—Feeding the masses

Sunday 17th
Daily Program—Keeping everybody engaged

Monday 18th
End of Summer—Late nights in St. Petersburg

Tuesday 19th
Tour Report—Srila Gurudeva in good health

Wednesday 20th
Janmastami—Birth of Lord Krishna

Thursday 21st
Early Departure—I return to India via Africa

Friday 22nd
Back To London—Just for the weekend

Saturday 23rd
Ekadasi Feast—Dayanidhi Prabhu excels

Sunday 24th
London To Africa—By way of Dubai

Monday 25th
Journey Over Africa—Return to South Africa

Tuesday 26th
Africa Revisited—You can't go back

Wednesday 27th
Mars And Beyond—Easy journey to other planets

Thursday 28th
Out of Africa—I return to India

Friday 29th
New Delhi—And the road to Govardhan

Saturday 30th
Sadhu Sangha—A moment's grace...

Sunday 31st
Govardhan Ashram—Many changes since my last visit



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