Archive [14k] July [14k] 2003 [14k]

Spend the first part of the month in the cradle of civilization — Africa — then head north with the iMonk, up the coast of the Dark Continent, to the ancient former Byzantine and Ottoman Empire, Turkey, and its capital city, Ankara.

Tuesday 1st
Ratha Yatra—Festival of Chariots

Wednesday 2nd
Splitting Up—Early departure for Johannesburg

Thursday 3rd
Italian Visa—Out to lunch

Friday 4th
Turkish Visa—More tour delays

Saturday 5th
Print Story—Not a good impression

Sunday 6th
Fluffy and Bruno—Keeping the Ashram safe

Monday 7th
Cold and Flu—Staying under cover

Tuesday 8th
California Dreamin'—Colder than Siberia!

Wednesday 9th
"Missing" Swami Returns—All's well that ends well

Thursday 10th
Lying Low—Active and inactive

Friday 11th
Pygmy in Africa—"Misunderestimating" Mandela

Saturday 12th
Paramahamsa Leaves—I wait for visa

Sunday 13th
Convalescing—Idyllic morning

Monday 14th
Rainbow Nation—What about the other colors?

Tuesday 15th
Mission Accomplished?—My last night in South Africa

Wednesday 16th
Off To London—By way of Dubai

Thursday 17th
Short Stopover—An evening in London

Friday 18th
Historic First—Sannyasi delegation arrives in Turkey

Saturday 19th
World Wide Web—Like a brhad-mrdanga on steroids

Sunday 20th
Another Historic Day—First ever Nama-Sankirtan in Turkey

Monday 21st
First Initiations—Seven new initiates accept harinama

Tuesday 22nd
Turkey—Muslim country, secular republic

Wednesday 23rd
Blithe Awakening—Mornings at the Yoga Center

Thursday 24th
Clubbing—Partying in downtown Ankara

Friday 25th
Kushul—Bird who came to stay

Saturday 26th
More Initiations—And some unusual questions

Sunday 27th
Extended Stay—Another week in Turkey

Monday 28th
Quieter Days—Back to normal

Tuesday 29th
Disappearance Day—Remembering Srila Guru Maharaj

Wednesday 30th
Blogging—Increased awareness

Thursday 31st
Civilization—A history of exploitation



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