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After nineteen years, the iMonk returns to the land of his birth — South Africa. Dare you venture into the jungles of Africa, to the fabled African "City of Gold" (Johannesburg) or "The Land of the Zulus" (Natal)? Come, bwana — be brave!

Sunday 1st
Installation Day Festival—Hundreds attend celebration

Monday 2nd
On The Move—Dispatching the troops

Tuesday 3rd
Back To My Roots—Back to the motherland

Wednesday 4th
South Africa—V.I.P. treatment

Thursday 5th
Eastern Wave—First radio interview

Friday 6th
Austere Fare—Roughing it in South Africa

Saturday 7th
Tangible Results—Listeners want to hear more

Sunday 8th
City Of Gold—Even the streets are made of gold!

Monday 9th
Drive to Durban—Meeting old friends

Tuesday 10th
Madoembies—I yam what I yam

Wednesday 11th
New sights—Getting used to change

Thursday 12th
Prasadam Seva—Do you want fries with that?

Friday 13th
Downtown Durban—The good, the bad, and the ugly

Saturday 14th
Sunday Times Interview—First South African swami

Sunday 15th
Radio Lotus Interview—Not everything is black and white

Monday 16th
Aum TV Interview—Three media interviews in three days

Tuesday 17th
Pietermaritzburg Temple—Bhuvan Pavan Prabhu's legacy

Wednesday 18th
Back to Joburg

Thursday 19th
Alterations—Reflecting the Math

Friday 20th
Paramahamsa Arrives—Minus his luggage

Saturday 21st
Goswami Departs—Second half of tour begins

Sunday 22nd
Livewire Swami—More changes at Ashram

Monday 23rd
New Flagpole—Can be seen for miles

Tuesday 24th
U.S.A.—Unstinting Service Attitude

Wednesday 25th
Raising The Flag—Second half of tour begins

Thursday 26th
Happy Birthday—Yudhamanyu Prabhu Seva Vikram

Friday 27th
Visit To Wentworth—And Durban beach

Saturday 28th
Old Friends—Krishna Kali and Teacher

Sunday 29th
The Quarry Road Gang—First members of the Math in S.A.

Monday 30th
Gundicha Marjana—Cleaning the temple of the heart



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