May [14k] 2003 [14k]

The iMonk returns to Delhi, India, from the Russian cities of Saint Petersburg and Moscow, and the Siberian cities of Novosibirsk and Tomsk. He spends most of the month at the lotus feet of his guru, Srila Govinda Maharaj, in Kolkata.

Thursday 1st
South Africa—Srila Gurudeva's concern

Friday 2nd
To Africa—Srila Gurudeva's wish

Saturday 3rd
Guru's Orders—A time for sravan and a time for kirtan

Sunday 4th
Indian Summer—Not the American Indian summer

Monday 5th
Guru Bhakti—All we ever need

Tuesday 6th
Related Service—It's not what you know...

Wednesday 7th
Search For Krishna—How not to see Krishna

Thursday 8th
Musing—The road ahead

Friday 9th
Welcome Rain—Thunderstorms bring cool relief

Saturday 10th
Pious Bird—Mynah's major fortune

Sunday 11th
Mother's Day—A lot to be grateful for

Monday 12th
Sweet Relief

Tuesday 13th
Russian Visa—Preparing to return in summer

Wednesday 14th
Dog Tale—Dog won't be denied

Thursday 15th
Srila Gurudeva's Anniversary—Explanation of "lotus feet"

Friday 16th
Shaving Story—A "hair razing" anecdote

Saturday 17th
Lalu's indiscretion—Saved by the devotees

Sunday 18th
Worlds Apart—Consciousness and unconsciousness

Monday 19th
Under The Weather—Heat takes its toll

Tuesday 20th
Feeling The Heat—Out of the fire...

Wednesday 21st
Terrific Storm—Strong winds and rain

Thursday 22nd
Leaping Lizards!—Rushing blindly into the jaws of death

Friday 23rd
After The Rains—Cooler weather

Saturday 24th
Many Mangos—Make monks merry!

Sunday 25th
Loud Music—Can't get away

Monday 26th
Travel Preparations—Busy schedule ahead

Tuesday 27th
Talking Turkey—Danger at every step

Wednesday 28th
The Boy In The Tree—Boys will be boys

Thursday 29th
Hotter than July—A lesson in tolerance

Friday 30th
The Treasure of India—In every town and village

Saturday 31st
Hot Work—Turning up the heat



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