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Follow the iMonk as he travels through the former USSR: by overnight train from Moscow to Saint Petersburg and back, by airplane to remote Siberia, and by automobile from the city of Novosibirsk to Tomsk — and back to India again.

Tuesday 1st
Mixed Emotions—My visa finally arrives

Wednesday 2nd
Internet Forum—Who will answer?

Thursday 3rd
Listening To The Guru—Not a forum for discussion

Friday 4th
Service Calls—A small part to play in Russia

Saturday 5th
Off To Russia—I leave the Seva Ashram

Sunday 6th
Inspired In Moscow—The "new Russian Revolution"

Monday 7th
Moscow's New Temple—Preparing for Srila Gurudeva's arrival

Tuesday 8th
Heading North—On to St. Petersburg

Wednesday 9th
St. Petersburg—Walking on ice

Thursday 10th
KC Not Foreign—Language is no barrier

Friday 11th
Rama & Krishna—Two sides of the same coin

Saturday 12th
Rama Katha—Rama, Rama, Rama, and more Rama

Sunday 13th
Another World—My first TV interview

Monday 14th
A Krishna Conscious Catechism—To know, to love, and to serve

Tuesday 15th
St. Petersburg Prepares—Getting ready for the guests

Wednesday 16th
My Last Day—Leaving St. Petersburg

Thursday 17th
Back on the Road—To Moscow and beyond

Friday 18th
This Is Siberia?—Where's all the snow?

Saturday 19th
Siberia? Huh!—Another hot day in Novosibirsk

Sunday 20th
Traveling To Tomsk—Observing Winter's retreat

Monday 21st
Snow!—And a flurry of preaching

Tuesday 22nd
Modern Monks—Itinerant and internet savvy

Wednesday 23rd
So Long Siberia—Our last day in Tomsk

Thursday 24th
Return To Moscow ...and warmer weather

Friday 25th
More Visa Problems—This time with India...

Saturday 26th
Back In June?—Prospect of an early return

Sunday 27th
Farewell Feast—Our last night in Moscow

Monday 28th
Return To India—Reflections on the Russian tour

Tuesday 29th
SARS—Another acronym for fear and death

Wednesday 30th
News From Africa—Renewing an old acquaintance



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