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Back from a three-month tour of Russia, Turkey, England and South Africa, the iMonk stays with his gurudeva, Srila Govinda Maharaj, in the holy dhams of Govardhan and Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, and in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Monday 1st
East & West—Searching for a connection

Tuesday 2nd
Preparations—For Srila Gurudeva's return

Wednesday 3rd
Gurudeva Returns—Back from six-week tour

Thursday 4th
Radhastami—James becomes Yadunandan

Friday 5th
Don't Bug Me—Invasion of the grasshoppers

Saturday 6th
Guru Prasad—Merciful nourishment

Sunday 7th
Ajay Krishna—Following the process

Monday 8th
Crow—A lesson from a lowly bird

Tuesday 9th
Edward Teller—"Enemy of humanity"

Wednesday 10th
Rain—And a rainbow

Thursday 11th

Friday 12th
Vrindavan Math—An excellent location

Saturday 13th
Grave Mistake—Samadhi is not a tomb

Sunday 14th
Vrindavan—Right of admission reserved

Monday 15th
Eye Exercise—A transcendental workout

Tuesday 16th
Fools Rush In—Where Hanuman fears to tread

Wednesday 17th
Prasad Seva—Overcoming picky eating habits

Thursday 18th
Mischievous Monkeys—Street-smart simians

Friday 19th
Six Months—And counting

Saturday 20th
We Leave Vrindavan—And return to Kolkata

Sunday 21st
Ghugni—Rural Bengali preparation

Monday 22nd
Gimme A Hug—Looking for love in all the wrong places

Tuesday 23rd
Kukui Nuts—A royal gift

Wednesday 24th
Family Values—Leaving everything behind

Thursday 25th
Visiting Gurudeva—At the medical center

Friday 26th
Devaki—Causes a sensation

Saturday 27th
TLC—Just what the doctor ordered

Sunday 28th
X-rays—And slide shows

Monday 29th
Durga Puja—Kolkata prepares for festival

Tuesday 30th
Gurudeva Returns—With a healthy appetite



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