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October 2003

The iMonk spends the first half of the month with his guru, Srila Govinda Maharaj, in Kolkata, West Bengal, then returns to Russia — his third visit this year — to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Wednesday 1st
New Look—Time for a change

Thursday 2nd
Sleepless Nights—Durga Puja in full swing

Friday 3rd
East Meets West—Gawking at the sahibs

Saturday 4th
Durga Puja Continues—Other aspects of the festival

Sunday 5th
Service Calls—Invitation to Nasigram

Monday 6th
Soaked and Stoked—What's a little water anyway?

Tuesday 7th
Rained Out—Village program postponed

Wednesday 8th
Flash Floods—Water, water everywhere

Thursday 9th
Coming and Going—Devotees arrive for festival

Friday 10th
Floodwaters recede—First dry day this week

Saturday 11th
Russian Invitation—The weeks ahead

Sunday 12th
To New Delhi—En route to Moscow

Monday 13th
Back in Moscow—Warm welcome on a cool morning

Tuesday 14th
North by Train—From Moscow to St. Petersburg

Wednesday 15th
Hot Breakfast—On a cold morning

Thursday 16th
Creative Design—Even I have to notice

Friday 17th
Nama-Hatta—Neighborhood preaching

Saturday 18th
Vyasa Puja—Saturday in Saint Petersburg

Sunday 19th
Vyasa Puja—Sunday in Moscow

Monday 20th
Monday—Reflecting on the weekend

Tuesday 21st
Four-Thirty Express—Back to Saint Petersburg

Wednesday 22nd
Chanting Japa—Every town and village

Thursday 23rd
Cold Morning—No walk today

Friday 24th
Change of Plan—Now going to the Ukraine

Saturday 25th
Govardhan Puja—In the Saint Petersburg snow

Sunday 26th
Govardhan Puja—Big turnout in Moscow

Monday 27th
Travel Fatigue—I stay in Moscow

Tuesday 28th
Of Mouse and Man—The best laid plans...

Wednesday 29th
Jagad Guru—Remembering Srila Prabhupad

Thursday 30th
Too Late!—We miss the train to the Ukraine

Friday 31st
To The Ukraine—Journey to Zaporizhzhya

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