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November 2003

Beginning with the Ukraine, the iMonk travels by rail to Zaporizhzhya, Donetsk, Kiev, and Odessa, returns to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, then embarks on a tour of central Russia, visiting Tambov, Saratov, and Balakovo by automobile.

Saturday 1st
Cabbages & Kings—First day in the Ukraine

Sunday 2nd
Question—How can I love God?

Monday 3rd
Donetsk—Second tour stop

Tuesday 4th
We Leave Donetsk—After thirty-six hours

Wednesday 5th
Kiev—Capital of the Ukraine

Thursday 6th
7 Years Later—Still cold in Kiev

Friday 7th
Bolshevik Revolution—Remembering former glory

Saturday 8th
On To Odessa—A day later

Sunday 9th
Odessa—The first day

Monday 10th
Sea View—At the edge of the world

Tuesday 11th
Return To Russia—Wrapping up the Ukrainian tour

Wednesday 12th
Arrival in Moscow—Twenty-six hours later

Thursday 13th
In Moscow—Roaming 'round Red Square

Friday 14th
Avadhut Returns—Always on the go!

Saturday 15th
"Taksi! Krishna!"—A novel Russian experience

Sunday 16th
On Nevsky Prospekt—Chanting in Saint Petersburg

Monday 17th
Magazine Seva—Preparing to publish

Tuesday 18th
Getting Ready—Working in the office

Wednesday 19th
Warmer Weather—Snow begins to melt

Thursday 20th
Nama-Hatta—Weekly program

Friday 21st
Magazine Layout—Work starts in earnest

Saturday 22nd
Brrr!—The cold returns

Sunday 23rd
Nevsky Prospekt—Once more, with feeling

Monday 24th
Awesome!—The sea starts to freeze

Tuesday 25th
New Tour—Five cities scheduled

Wednesday 26th
Late!—Not a good start

Thursday 27th
Lost!—Good end to a bad start

Friday 28th
Red-Letter Day—First ritvik initiations

Saturday 29th
Saratov—Short stopover

Sunday 30th
Balakovo—Talks on Vedic culture

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