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December 2003

Continuing a five-city lecture tour of western Russia that he began last month, the iMonk travels by automobile from Tambov, Saratov, and Balakovo, to Tolyatti and Izhevsk, then returns to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Monday 1st
Second Lecture—Subjective Evolution of Consciousness

Tuesday 2nd
Wrapping Up—Last night in Balakovo

Wednesday 3rd
Kids Are Kids—Breaking the language barrier

Thursday 4th
Tolyatti Talk—On the soul's delusion

Friday 5th
Every Town and Village—Or so it seems...

Saturday 6th
Personal Answers—To impersonal questions

Sunday 7th
Mother Yasoda—Prepared to discipline God

Monday 8th
Akinchan Jones—In "Return to the Temple"

Tuesday 9th
New Greeting—"Taksi! Hare Krishna! Hare Rama!"

Wednesday 10th
Vyasa Puja—Celebration in Saint Petersburg

Thursday 11th
Sadhu Sangha—Vyasa Puja edition

Friday 12th
Drugoy Mir Program—Three hundred guests

Saturday 13th
Weird Weather—Freeze/thaw seesaw

Sunday 14th
Humble Lesson—The power of association

Monday 15th
Lots of Snow—Cold day in Moscow

Tuesday 16th
Tour Arrangements—Working out the details

Wednesday 17th
Flying High—Across the universe

Thursday 18th
Mirabhai vs. Charlie—Who is the greater devotee?

Friday 19th

Saturday 20th
Catching Up—Old friend arrives

Sunday 21st
Cold Outside—But warm inside

Thursday 25th
A White Christmas—I'm not dreaming

Friday 26th
Chris Who?—Nobody knew it was Christmas!

Saturday 27th
Akinchan Holmes—X marks the spot?

Sunday 28th
Progress?—What did not happen to Christmas

Monday 29th
Solved!—The Mystery of the Vanishing Christmas

Tuesday 30th
Russian Christmas—Better late than never?

Wednesday 31st
A Leap of Faith—A look back at 2003

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