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January 2004

The iMonk spends some time in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, then goes on a three-city lecture tour of the Ukraine to take the message of his gurudeva to Zaporizhzhya, Kiev, and Odessa, before returning to Russia and then to India.

Thursday 1st
The Year Ahead—The future is now

Friday 2nd
Departure—One flies out

Saturday 3rd
Arrival—Another flies in

Sunday 4th
Noisy Ride—Back to Saint Petersburg

Monday 5th
Getting Connected—Loving God through service

Tuesday 6th
Winter Freeze—Snow and frost cover all

Wednesday 7th
Merry Christmas!—Russian Christmas today

Thursday 8th
Devotees Return—Five arrive from Moscow

Friday 9th
Lots of Ice—But no water

Saturday 10th
Russia–75 A.T.—75 years after Tintin

Sunday 11th
Studio Relocation—Studios move to Moscow

Monday 12th
Ukraine Tour—Itinerary and schedule

Tuesday 13th
Happy Birthday!—Srutasrava Prabhu

Wednesday 14th
To Moscow—Last day in Saint Petersburg

Thursday 15th
Journey South—To the Ukraine

Friday 16th
New Center—Zaporizhzhya Seva Ashram

Saturday 17th
Ukrainian First—Begging at the market

Sunday 18th
Kiev Reunion—Aleksander and Oksana

Monday 19th
Last Day in Kiev—On to Odessa

Tuesday 20th
Overnight Express—From Kiev to Odessa

Wednesday 21st
Ritvik Initiations—Four new initiates

Thursday 22nd
Back To Moscow—Early end to tour

Friday 23rd
Brief Reunion—Imminent departure

Saturday 24th
Russia To India—-14°C to 20°C in six hours

Sunday 25th
Home—Back with Srila Gurudeva

Monday 26th
Srimati Vishnupriya—Helping the fallen

Tuesday 27th
Kolkata, California—Reunion of old friends

Wednesday 28th
Jivana Devi Dasi—Family friend and well-wisher

Thursday 29th
Kolkata Book Fair—The largest in Asia

Friday 30th
Unique Opportunity—At the Kolkata Book Fair

Saturday 31st
Auto Rickshaws—A chancy commute

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