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February 2004

After spending four months lecturing in twelve different cities in Russia and the Ukraine, the iMonk returns to Kolkata, India, to spend some time at the lotus feet of his gurudeva, Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Maharaj.

Sunday 1st
Ramai Prabhu—Pedaling Pujari of the Pacific

Monday 2nd
Kolkata Metro—Fast, easy commute

Tuesday 3rd
Bangla Bandh—One-day strike in Bengal

Wednesday 4th
Sensory Overload—Going to the Kolkata Book Fair

Thursday 5th
Huge Crowds—Thousands attend book fair

Friday 6th
It's Purnima—Get out the razor

Saturday 7th
Another World—Beyond exploitation and renunciation

Sunday 8th
Seva Vikram—Valiant service

Monday 9th
It's Over—Kolkata Book Fair ends

Tuesday 10th
Record Attendance—Millions at book fair

Wednesday 11th
Religion, Not Politics—Students prefer God to Gandhi

Thursday 12th
Coming and Going—Srutasrava Prabhu leaves

Friday 13th
Kolkata Streets—Danger at every step

Saturday 14th
What is love?—A transcendental view

Sunday 15th
Indian Drivers—Easygoing and tolerant

Monday 16th
Books—And the Internet

Tuesday 17th
Six Seasons—Unique to East India

Wednesday 18th
Cold Showers—On not-so-cold mornings

Thursday 19th
Enviable Conduct—Indian bus conductors

Friday 20th
Another Time—Archbishop Hurley remembered

Saturday 21st
Lord Zetland—And the four regulative principles

Sunday 22nd
Human Life—Animal consciousness

Monday 23rd
Maha Prasadam Feast—Installation festival at Kaikhali

Tuesday 24th
Return Ticket—Time is almost up

Wednesday 25th
Russians Arrive—Gaura Purnima festival soon

Thursday 26th
Three Old Friends—From South Africa

Friday 27th
Sishya Proposes—Gurudeva disposes

Saturday 28th
Future Prospects—Danger at every step

Sunday 29th
Leap Year—Learning to live in infinity

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