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March 2004

One year after leaving the U.S.A. to go to India to become an itinerant monk and traveling and preaching in Russia, Siberia, South Africa, England, Turkey, and the Ukraine on the order of his gurudeva, the iMonk returns to California.

Monday 1st
To Nabadwip Dham—For the annual parikrama

Tuesday 2nd
Nabadwip Parikrama—A long, tiring day

Wednesday 3rd
Recovering—No parikrama for me today

Thursday 4th
Swimming Lesson—Boys will be boys

Friday 5th
In Good Company—Here in Nabadwip Dham

Saturday 6th
Gaura Purnima—Srila Gurudeva sings

Sunday 7th
Itinerant Monk—One-year anniversary

Monday 8th
Four New Sannyasis—Another momentous day

Tuesday 9th
Ouch!—Watch your step

Wednesday 10th
Have Passport—Need appropriate visa

Thursday 11th
I Go To Hapaniya—And return to Kolkata

Friday 12th
Time Traveling—Back to the United States

Saturday 13th
First Day—In the U.S.A.

Sunday 14th
Um, Gurudeva—About that protection?

Monday 15th
Family Reunion—A night in San Jose

Tuesday 16th
Green Card—Gets green light

Wednesday 17th
Growing Pains—It's tough being young

Thursday 18th
Golden Road—Golden opportunity

Friday 19th
Siddhanti Maharaj—Returns to California

Saturday 20th
Stoic Existence—What price longevity?

Sunday 21st
Pusta Krishna Prabhu—South African pioneer

Saturday 27th
Good Prospects—With good association

Wednesday 31st
Great New Look!—Refurbished Math pages

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