California, USA — September 3rd, 2011

Just a minute!

She was so excited she could barely contain herself. She had such wonderful news. She just had to tell somebody.

She called her friend, Didi.

You know how her son offered bhoga every day to the little deity that they had in their living room? Well, when he was making the offering today, she overheard him saying:

"Krishna, I've been feeding you for so long now. When are You going to do something for me?"

And guess what? Within an hour, her son got a call from his boss. After reviewing his performance, their company had decided to upgrade his status from part-time to full-time employment!

"Isn't it wonderful?" she gushed.

Didi told her friend what she wanted to hear — she was so fortunate to have such a devoted son — but all the while, all she could think of was that Bhagavad Gita verse... How did it go again?

ye yatha mam prapadyante / tams tathaiva bhajamy aham

Sometimes Krishna gives us what we want, unfortunately.

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