Soquel, California — Monday, January 31st

Madhusudan Maharaj

Last night, just before the Sunday feast, we received the sad news from England that Sripad Bhakti Sampat Madhusudan Maharaj had passed away in the early hours of this morning, London time.

I first met Madhusudan Maharaj (when he was still Mukunda Prabhu) in early January 2003, when I went to India in response to Sripad Bhakti Sudhir Goswami Maharaj's email, to speak to Srila Gurudeva, and see how I could more fully dedicate myself to the mission.

He was hail-fellow-well-met, with an easygoing smile and a wonderful (British) sense of humor, so we soon became good friends. When I entered the holy order of sannyas during Gaura Purnima of that year, Mukunda Prabhu gave me so much encouragement, and he expressed his desire to also take sannyas one day.

After my initiation, before I went to Siberia, we shared a room together at the Srila Sridhar Swami Seva Ashram, in Dasbisa, Govardhan, and after I went to South Africa, Turkey, and England, we spent a fortnight together with Srila Gurudeva in Russia, at the Vaishnava Festival in Saint Petersburg in August.

Last year in Navadwip, during the Gaura Purnima festival, Srila Gurudeva agreed to give Mukunda Prabhu sannyas initiation. He was so happy to fulfill his desire to dedicate himself fully to Srila Gurudeva and the Mission. I was honored to participate in the ceremony wherein he received the sacred sannyas mantra from Srila Gurudeva, and the name Bhakti Sampat Madhusudan Maharaj.

I left Navadwip three days later, and was shocked to hear that Madhusudan Maharaj was diagnosed with cancer shortly after he returned to London, and that he was given just a short time to live. Though his demise was expected, we are saddened, but inspired by his sacrifice and dedication to the mission.

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